Kutná Hora

Multipurpose building with 38 flats with shopping stores on the ground floor. Area of the premises is 2.321 m2, total built up area is 1 118 m2. The building is divided to 3 sections, 2 attached sections have 9 flats, the corner section has 20 flats. Each section has its own entrance, staircase and common area - room for baby-coaches and bicycles. In the corner section there is fire station suggested, elevator and non barrier entrance.

Attractive commercial space in Brno, Vaclavska street

We offer for rent office space in the center of Brno in multipurpose premises on Vaclavksa street. The flooring is app. 1400 m2, it is located non the fifth floor. Accessability to the premises is good, possibility of renting out parking lots, 24/7 supervised car park

Family houses Šimonovice by Liberce
The parcel is located in beautiful surrounding with view on Ještěd. The land is connected to built up part of Šimonovice, in Minkovice, in Liberec region. The total area is 66385 m2, 2/3 of the are is suitable for construction of family houses, regarding the rest - ground plan under discussion. Electricity close to the border of the parcl, water pipeline and gad papeline are going to be constructed in near future.
Built up area is 102 m2, flooring is 175 m2. To the building belongs small garden - 150 m2. On the ground floor there is corridor, garage, study room, wc, bathroom, storage room, kitchen, terrace. On the second floor there is bathroom, wc, 3x rooms, terrace, corridor, closet.