Brno - commercial property on Veletržní street


Commercial property, with cellar. Property is located in the closest victinity with the main gate of the exhibition area. On the 1st floor there is established restaurant with kitchen, servery and other facilities. On the 2nd floor there are premises with individual entry. It is suitable for creation of rooms of a hotel. The underground area is used as a stock and preparing room and is fitted with the ice box.


Brno - historical building in the centre Jakubská street

Brno - pronájem kanceláří, obchodních prostor, restaurace a vinárny na ul. Jakubská

The building is located in the centre of the city on Jakubska street, close to the Jakubske namesti in Brno. The building has four floors, is an attached house (a row house) with a saddle roof. The property is completely rent out on the long-term basis.


Brno - commercial property on Mendlovo square

Mendlák5_mini.JPGCommercial real estate property located in Brno on Mendlovo square in the locality of Old Brno. It is very busy and frequented area. On the 1st floor there are commercial premises.


Brno - flat building with commercial premises on Václavská street 14/16


Flat building in the centre on Vaclavska street. On the 1st underground floor and 1st floor are located non-residential premises used as stores and game rooms, on the 2nd and 3rd floors there are 18 housing units. In the yard there are stockrooms of a total area of 1800m2.


Brno - commercial property on Václavská street

Václavská_mini_od mendl..JPG

The property is located in restricted area in the centre of the city on Vaclavska street. The total area is 12001 m2, built up area is 9579 m2. Possibility of parking - 145 parking spaces. We offer retail, office, storage or production premises and supervised parking lot with access 24/7


Brno - flat building with commercial area on Bratislavská street


Building for sale in Brno on Bratislavska street, casino is located on the 1st floor, on the 2nd and 3rd floors there are 5 housing units, in the yard there is one more housing unit.


Prague - luxurious flat 2+1 on Mala Strana on Mostecka street


Luxuriously outfitted flat 2+1 on Mostecka street in Prague 1 - Mala Strana right next to the Charles bridge for sale. The total area is 87m2. In 2004 the flat was completely and costly reconstructed. During this reconstruction the original trabeated ceilings.


Prague - historical building in the center on Michalská street


Very attractive five storey building in the historical centre of Prague, on Michalska street 1. The property is located exactly in the historical center of Prague, 300m from Vencle square and 200m from Old town square.


Brno - commercial property on Olomoucké street


It is a free standing house with basement and two floors and flat roof. It is located close to Olomoucka street. Built up area is 450 m2, parking lot 168 m2. Flooring is 1078 m2. On the first below level floor are storage rooms (2,4 m2 – 43,4 m2), 1 freight elevator and 2 platform freight elevators


Brno - Bystrc - retail stalls by the Brno reservoir on Přístavní street


Three retail stalls located on attractive place next to Brno reservoir close to wharf on the crossroads of walking tracks, which are very popular. This location will secure you great conditions for the year-round operation and business (summer - swimming, trips by boat or foot, winter - ice skating, spring and autumn - trips and cycling) ...

Brno - lodging-house on Vídeňská street

Brno - ubytovna na ul. Vídeňské, vč. pozemku

The building is located on the south border of Brno, on Videnska street, direction to Znojmo. Built up area is 1420 m2. Flooring is 3895 m2. Good transportation. The building is connected to all accessible nets and distributions...


Hodonín - multipurpose building on P. Jilemnického street

budova_mini.JPGAttractive three storey building, mostly gastronomical focus on Petra Jilemnického street. All premises completely equipped. There is a possibility of establishment of fitness and so on. The property is located on the border of residential area Bažantnice v Hodoníně. Built up area 526 m2, flooring 2172 m2...

Jihlava - multipurpose property on Pávovská street


Commercial property is located in an industrial zone on the border of Bedrichov. Good transportation accessability, close to highway D1 Prague - Brno, Bedrichov by Jihlava. Built up area is 7802 m2, other area is 24317 m2. Networks-electrical, water, gas, stromwater sewer, phone cabels. The property is watched over by a security service.

Kutná Hora - area with market hall close to the centre of the city

Kutná Hora - pronájem tržnice v blízkosti centra

Completely equipped market hall close to the centre of Kutna Hora. It is located on busy Sportovcu street. It is close to the bus station and shopping mall BILLA. 50 sale spaces - possibility of expansion. The total area is 2300 m2, interlocking pavement,

všechny IS...

Litvínov - lodging-house on Vodní street

Litvínov - provozní budova na ul. Vodní č.p. 870

It is a free standing building with cellar, rectangular shape, saddle roof by frontage road in Vodni street in Litvinov. The total area is 1714 m2, the built up area is 827 m2. The floorage is 3423 m2. The number of floors - 1 below the level and 4 above the level floors.

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Opava - operational building on Janská street


The propertyis located next to busy street Janska in Opava - Predmesti. It is a polyfunctional property - used as a restaurant, lodging house, offices. The total area is 2438 m2, built up area 1222 m2. Flooring 3176 m2. Good accessability by mass transportation, possibility of parking, mass transportation station next to the property...