Real Estate Agency - Other Services

There are many activities connected with the purchase and sale of a property which need to be realized so all the legal norms are satisfied and with which most of the people do not have any practical experiences. However, when cooperating with us you will not have any problems. We cooperate with experienced experts from all the necessary fields and with their help we are going to arrange everything needed.

Legal services

The necessary part of all sales and purchases of a property is the formation of a proper contract. If you use our services, our lawyers with a longtime experience from the real estate market will prepare not only a safe contract, but also arrange everything needed on land register office and offer you also other services such as legal storage of financial resources and others. In most of the cases, these services are free

Expert´s reports

When selling or purchasing a property, you will need a qualified expert´s report. If you do not have your own proved expert in this field, we can offer you this service as well. Our associates are very experienced and arrange everything needed.

Tax consulting

After the sale of a property, you might need to be adviced regarding the taxes. Our tax system is very complicated and everybody can easily and unwillingly get to troubles with the tax office. We do not want this and therefore we are happy to offer you the services regarding the tax consulting